One Week and a Day Till Opening Night!

Here we are again, and like last year I am overwhelmed with all that must be done in seven days! Andy will be pulling up about this time next week and he and I will head out the next morning for three shows at Elm Street Elementary, another school in the afternoon, then Opening Night at the E.H. Young Theater out at Berry at 7 PM.

If you are on Facebook please go to our event page and let us know if you plan to be there.

Of course the main show will be Andy Offutt Irwin and his hilarious cast of characters led, no doubt, by Aunt Marguerite. In addition you’ll get the treat of hearing Tracy Walker’s hilarious tale that won the Big Fibbers contest last year AND sixth-grader Courtney Hutcherson will have you laughing out loud at her stinky egg adventure that won the 2015 YoungTales competition. As a final bonus, please come hear me reprise the story that won me the first of my two Big Fibbers awards.


I love teaching storytelling to kids.

I have had a wonderful few weeks working with children through the Debby Brown YoungTales program. This is a project of the Ridge & Valley Storytelling Guild and a part of our Big Fibbers Storytelling Festival. Two terrific storytelling teachers, Jane Cunningham and Mary Elena Kirk are working with me to reach about 150 students in six schools plus an “at large” group at the Rome/Floyd County Library.

The program makes use of Donald Davis’s ideas from his DVD Make It, Tell It, Write It. We have purchased copies of the DVD for each of the schools, the library, and the leaders involved so that this program can be used by others with other children.

During this week Jane, Mary Elena and I will choose the sixteen finalists to compete in the Second Annual Debby Brown YoungTales story competition that will take place on March 19 at 3 pm, during the Big Fibbers Storytelling Festival. Please come and support these children, and bring some kids with you on the 19th. You will be amazed at the stories these children will come up with.

In preparation, and as a way to promote the program I have visited several civic and church groups, and have three times now been accompanied by Courtney Hutcherson. Courtney is a very accomplished storyteller at the ripe age of eleven. She won our story competition last March and has registered to defend her title this time around. I look forward to hearing her new story!


Courtney Hutcherson
2015 YoungTales Champion

We need sponsors for this program! If your civic group or business would like to help give me a call. We welcome ads for our printed program as well. Just let me know. It is a great program.

Registration for 2017 Big Fibbers Festival is underway!

2017 Debby Brown YoungTales story competition (17 & under)
Registration for the 2016 Debby Brown YoungTales story contest is open. Click on the link below to sign up to be considered for one of the spots in the competition.

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241th Annual Big Fibbers Contest (18 & older)
Registration is now open for contestants in the 241st Annual Big Fibbers Contest.

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