Rules for Fibbers (and YoungTales competitors)

1. Each contest is open to anyone with a tale to tell as long as you agree to ‘bide by the rules!
2. What the judges say, goes. Period. Watch out on to find out if you are gonna get to tell your tale at the contest.
3. The tale’s gotta be your’n. Now, it might a been started by granny or Uncle George or anybody else. It might be a tale passed down for generations. It mighta started in a book or a record you heard. BUT you gotta make sure you’ve got your own special way of telling it. It’s gotta be your’n.
4. You can’t just keep a’droning on. Keep it from three to eight minutes or you’ll get the hook! Five minutes‘d be about perfect.
5. No cussin’. No fussin’. This is a family thing and the judges will have a big cake of lye soap for washing out mouths if necessary.
6. If you get picked for finalist, you gotta show up in person for the contest and, if you win it all, you get to tell your tale all over again at the Big Fibbers Finale and bask in the glory.
7. Ridge & Valley Storytelling Guild holds all rights to any audio or video recording of your performance at the Big Fibbers Festival, including every dime the guild can make off selling cds, dvds, downloaded files, transscripts and such.
8. Big Fibbers have to be 18 or older. Debby Brown YoungTales competitors can’t be any older’n 17.
9. Let’s all have a time! That’s the way our founder, Debby Brown, would want us to carry things on. *

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