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2021 Featured Storyteller: Antonio Rocha

  Antonio Rocha (pronounced haw-sha) is known for his unique fusion of mime and spoken word, entertaining audiences of all ages with his tenor voice, realistic sound effects, quirky characters and mesmerizing moves. A native of...

2020 Big Fibbers Storytelling Festival Cancelled

2020 Big Fibbers Festival Cancelled The 2020 Big Fibbers Storytelling Festival scheduled for March 27-28 has been cancelled, says Terrell Shaw, president of the festival sponsor, the Ridge & Valley Storytelling Guild.  “In the...
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2021 Featured Storyteller: Donna Washington

Donna Washington is a storyteller at Big Fibbers 2020.

March 27-28, 2020


Friday-Saturday Festival Events
Rome City Auditorium

601 Broad Street, Rome, GA 30161




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