The Ridge & Valley Storytelling Guild is proud to introduce the 5th Annual Big Fibbers Storytelling Festival and its educational component, the Debby Brown YoungTales Program. Our Big Fibbers Festival brings the best storytellers in the nation to Rome and draws listeners from all over the Southeast. You will hear all types of stories, from tall tales to personal narratives, both hilarious and tender. A highlight of the weekend festival is the Big Fibbers competition to determine the winner of the coveted Whopper hat. New this year, cash prizes will be given to the top 3 tellers.

The Debby Brown YoungTales Program engages local students in hearing, telling, and creating stories. Along the way, they learn about character, setting, plot, and theme. They develop confidence and skill in speaking before a group. The program culminates with in-school performances by the national tellers who headline the Big Fibbers Festival and a youth storytelling competition during the festival weekend.

The 2019 festival features renowned storytellers Andy Offutt Irwin and Bil Lepp! These master storytellers will spend the week visiting local schools and entertaining students. Andy and Bil will be performing Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival, and they will also be conducting a storytelling workshop Saturday morning, March 16th! This workshop is highly recommended for anyone who teaches or preaches or speaks in other ways, or people who have to listen to teachers/ preachers/storytellers.


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