“Bil Lepp is the Wonder Bra of storytelling. He takes something small and insignificant and pushes it up into something real-l-l-ly big and mi-i-i-ghty interesting.”
— Barbara McBride Smith, storyteller


Growing up in a family where the truth was fluid, Bil Lepp became adept at spinning tales and exaggerating circumstances at an early age. A nationally renowned storyteller and five time champion of the West Virginia Liars’ Contest, Bil’s outrageous, humorous tall-tales and witty stories have earned the appreciation of listeners of all ages and from all walks of life.

Though Bil is a champion liar, his stories often contain morsels of truth which shed light on universal themes. Be it a hunting trip, a funeral, or a visit to the dentist, Bil can find the humor in any situation. He explains that while his stories may not be completely true, they are always honest.

Bil is the author of seven books and 16 audio collections. His first children’s book, The King of Little Things, won the PEN Steven Kroll Award for Picture Book Writing, received a Kirkus Starred review, and favorable reviews from The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, The School Library Journal and other publications. It also won the Zena Sutherland Award, the Parent’s Choice Gold Award, was a finalist for the Irma Black Award, and was chosen to be West Virginia’s book at the National Book Festival.

His second children’s book, The Princess and the Pickup Truck, was released in late 2018. In May 2018 he received the Vandalia Award, West Virginia’s highest folklife honor, recognizing individuals for their lifetime contribution to West Virginia and its traditional culture.

Bil has been featured 15 times at the National Storytelling Festival in Tennessee and in 2011 was awarded the National Storytelling Network’s Circle of Excellence Award. He has performed at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Comedy Central’s Stage at Hudson in Los Angeles, corporate events and major storytelling festivals across the country.

Bil lives in Charleston, WV with his wife and two children.