What Is It?

The YoungTales Program is designed to:

  • Use storytelling as a springboard to speaking and writing in the middle grades (4-8).
  • Promote enjoyment, appreciation, and perpetuation of the art of storytelling by introducing students to nationally known storytellers and giving them the tools and opportunity to become storytellers themselves

What’s Included?2A featured national storyteller will perform for all grade levels at participating schools during the week of the Big Fibbers Festival. For 2020, our tellers are award-winners Donna Washington and Antonio Rocha who will be in Rome March 23-28.

  • Local storytellers who are also certified teachers will lead up to six Storytelling Club meetings in each school to guide selected students as they hear, study, create, tell, and write stories.
  • Each club member receives a YoungTales notebook for recording story ideas, outlines, and storyboards.
  • One student from each school may compete in the Debby Brown YoungTales Storytelling Competition held on Thursday evening, March 26, 2020 at the Rome High School Performing Arts Center (B.F. Quigg Auditorium). The name of the winning student is added to an engraved plaque and each of the three winners will receive a cash prize.
  • Club members and their coaches receive free admission to the Big Fibbers Storytelling Festival.

What is Expected of the School?

  • Select students to participate in the program (Number to be determined in conjunction with local storytelling club leaders).
  • Work with us to schedule up to six club meetings.
  • Work with us to schedule your school performances by national storytellers.
  • Contribute $300 in sponsorship funds to match the grants from our major sponsors.
  • Promote student and parent participation in the YoungTales competition and the Big Fibbers Storytelling Festival.

YoungTales Success Stories!

“My students have a difficult time with written expression. They have wonderful stories inside, but struggled to get them out. By learning how to be verbal storytellers, they became stronger storytellers as well as writers.”
— Katie Chappell, Fifth Grade Teacher, Anna K. Davie Elementary, Rome City Schools

“I have personally seen students grow from good storytellers to amazing storytellers in only a few weeks of instruction.”
— Jason Coffman, Fifth Grade Teacher, Armuchee Elementary, Floyd County Schools

“I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the story telling club was that you conducted at MES last spring! My only regret was that I wish it could have spanned more weeks!
— Angie Yancey, Teacher of the Gifted, Model Elementary, Floyd County Schools

“I was able to participate in the Big Fibbers Storytelling Festival and observe the student experience of the YoungTales  Storytelling Program. To see the [young tellers] in action and to see them excited and eloquent was amazing.”
— Kanute P. Rarey, Management Consultant/Storyteller, Hayesville, NC

“The YoungTales performance that I attended was spectacular…the more ways we give kids to succeed, the better they will do in the world. YoungTales is a great venue for this.”
— Bil Lepp, nationally known storyteller and award-winning author


“The [YoungTales] program is nothing short of amazing, and I’m not just referring to the incredibly talented performers who come to the school to tell their stories.… I appreciate the special opportunity it provides for students who would otherwise have hidden their talents.”
— Tiffany Abbott Fuller, Literacy Coach, West End Elementary, Rome City Schools