If you are new to professional storytelling and the world of storytelling festivals, you may wonder at the curious attachments that so many seem to be wearing pinned to shirts, blouses, jackets, and hats. From the earliest days of the National Storytelling Festival, small swatches of fabric have been used as tickets to the festival. Above you see part of the collection Sheila and I have saved from several festivals, mostly the NSF, but also from Azalea Storytelling Festival in LaGrange, the Pike Piddler festival in Alabama, the Peach State festival in Atlanta, and others, including Big Fibbers. By pinning these to your clothing you allow the folks at the doors to know you are a legitimate part of the audience. You can come and go from the venue without worrying with showing a ticket or getting a hand stamped.

So when you purchase tickets (securely, quickly, almost effortlessly) online, you are actually reserving your festival swatch(es). There’s a different pattern for each category: Full Festival, Workshop, Fibbers Contest, etc. An envelope with your name and your swatches will await you at the will-call table at the festival. You’ll quickly pick it up, pin on the swatch, and you are set for the weekend of stories.

So click on “Tickets” at the top of this website and order yours today. You can save ten bucks on the festival by ordering online and have it waiting on you at the Rome City Auditorium!